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“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

It seems these days that the good name of massage therapy has been severely tarnished. The media has a tendency to sexualize massage and the emergence of  many  non-licensed “Massage Parlors” don’t help to justify the legitimacy of massage as proper healthcare. I can’t tell you how many times my profession gets mocked in a social setting by using the terms “rubdown”, “masseuse”, & “happy ending.”

The concept that massage therapy can be easily misconstrued is not difficult to see. Many clients are asked to disrobe in a private room and have someone touch them in a soothing way. History hasn’t helped this misconception either. Many times throughout history, brothels have been masked by the facade of a massage therapy studio. The truth is there is that Massage THERAPY is nothing like the misconception people may have of the profession.

Truth to the matter is that licensed massage therapists go through extensive schooling as well as testing the therapists knowledge on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, as well as moral code. It truly is a slap in the face of the profession and those who have invested their time, money, and passion into the business of helping people. Understand that there is nothing wrong with your significant other giving you a massage at the end of a hard workday, but when you need more specific help you can rest assured that massage therapist out there trained in understanding the complex relationships of muscles and movement associated with the human body.

In the field of massage therapy there are many different modalities that show how diverse the profession can be utilize to the benefit of  the public. Continuing education that is required for massage therapist to retain their license allows the therapist to excel and keep them at the forefront of their specific specialties.   It is this reason you are seeing the Allied healthcare community become more supportive of the profession and why you see massage therapists in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and chiropractors. The medical professionals understand and trust the importance and many benefits of therapeutic massage.


“Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present”

Roger Babson

It is with my greatest pleasure to announce that today, May 1, 2014, marks the 3 year anniversary of DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage! I must begin by thanking my wonderful loyal clients, my amazing associates here in the Charleston area, as well as my amazing family in continually supporting me in this endeavor, my dream.third-anniversary-273x300

If you would have told me 10 and a half years ago when I started doing massage therapy that not only would I have still been doing massage therapy but also have a well respected and successful business of my own, I’m pretty sure it would have been hard for me to believe. Almost 4 years ago now, my dream started to develop to create a facility that would offer a unique treatment specially designed for each individual that walked through the door. Three years ago when I opened those doors I was very reluctant as to how to manage the business as well as how accepting the community would be to a type of massage treatment that is not very common from what we see these days.  With a passion and with a dream you continue to move forward, sometimes even blindly, until you have accomplished your goals. I did just that and I can safely say that I will not stop now.

Charleston's Live Professional Wrestling Federation

Charleston’s Live Professional Wrestling Federation

In the past 3 years DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage’s clientele has done a little more than doubled from opening day, as well as had the privilege to sponsor several great athletes in the Charleston, SC area. D:tm is the proud sponsor of Old School Championship Wrestling and all participating wrestlers as well as the official massage therapist to an up and coming triathlete named Jen Kryzanowski. I am also pleased to announce that we are in discussions to sponsor UFC veteran and MMA fighter Rafaello “The Tractor” Oliveira! 

Triathlete and Ironman finisher, Jen Kryzankowski

Triathlete and Ironman finisher, Jen Kryzankowski


Three years has also given me the time to become a certified Personal Trainer to help teach corrective exercises that would help restore posture. I have also taken several other classes including Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment which has helped the efficiency and lasting effects of my treatments. I continue to be an adjunct instructor in Trident Technical College’s Massage Program where not only do I get the opportunity to help develop some great therapists into the community, but I myself get to stay sharp on my education and knowledge of the ever growing profession that is Massage Therapy.


The ride has been amazing and I am very excited to see what the future holds for DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage. Thank you again to everyone for your continued support…here’s to many more awesome years to come!

Many Thanks!  Sincerely,  Jarrod C. Fritz, NCLMT

Many Thanks!
Jarrod C. Fritz, NCLMT

It can be very challenging to prepare a client, especially a new client who has never had therapeutic massage before, on what to expect prior to a treatment. There are many things to include and sometimes you just can’t remember it all. I just read a fantastic BLOG that covers all those expectations in great detail, so take a few minutes and click the link below, enjoy, and learn!

Expectations of a Great Massage Treatment.

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
Steve Jobs

I apologize in advance but this situation has struck a nerve with me for the past 9 years and gets me heated every time it is brought to my attention.


Today as I was searching for pictures to add to my upcoming newsletter and in a simple search for ‘deep tissue massage’, I get several pictures of topless women. How does that happen? For far too long now I have listened to people ask about “happy endings” and look at me in disgust when I mention that I am a massage therapist. Contrary to the movies, TV, and rumors there is NO SEX in Therapeutic Massage! Any decent, self-respecting massage THERAPIST should have the intention on healing and health and no more, it’s in our Ethical Code.


I understand that many years ago there were brothels that incorperated massage “rubs” and from what I have heard there are, unfortunately, still some around today. The thing to recognize is that massage therapy is just that THERAPY. Science has proved that there are many benefits of therapeutic massage that can help people heal and become healthier. So please people, follow the paradigm shift and realize that massage therapy is health care NOT sexual!


On another note of a similar subject, the sex of your therapist really shouldn’t matter. I know to some people, they aren’t “comfortable” having the same sex or even the opposite sex working with them. Please understand that a certified trained massage therapist provides you a healthcare service just like a doctor, nurse, dentist, and so forth. Do you ask for any of those professions to be gender specific prior to your treatment? No, for the most part you go by recommendations and their credentials. In the same manner, a massage therapist’s work should speak for itself and not be determined by their gender but rather by their experience and credentials.



I have spent my career fighting for the legitimacy of my profession and won’t stop until my heart does, so I hope this rant was educational and has opened your eyes to my passion and the passion of my fellow massage therapists.