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“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

– John F. Kennedy

As you have read in a previous post, I have been investing a lot of time in studying for my Certified Personal Trainer’s program. This is a journey that started back in 2005 when if first took the CEU program from the NCSF (National Council for Strength & Fitness). Interest in this program arose because of the amount of clientele coming in to see me that were experiencing significant pain after starting a new exercise program. Most of these clients were following regiments prescribed by a  personal trainer. This concept didn’t make much sense to me because of the fact that, in my opinion, trainers were suppose to keep you safe while reaching your goals. It was shortly after this that I decided to observe several trainers as they were training clients at the gym I was working out at and noticed how a majority of them were using too much weight for their clients and not even paying attention to their form. In addition to this, I learned that most trainers in the Charleston area received their certification from a weekend online course. These findings were shocking to me, so I wanted to become more educated about the training process and how to properly execute a training program that would be safe and effective.

Back in 2005 I completed the continuing education program from the NCSF to attain the required CEUs to recertify my Massage Therapy license. I had no intention on taking the CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) exam at that time due to the fact that I wanted to focus myself on developing my massage therapy skills and not jump into a new endeavor. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I started utilizing movement pattern training as  part of my teachings to my clients to make sure that their form, while working out, wasn’t compromising their posture and distorting their muscular balance. Unfortunately, many people considered the movement patterns as ‘exercises’ and labeled them as such. Exercise instruction is outside the normal “Scope of Practice” for a  massage therapist. A Scope of Practice can be broadened with proper continued education and it was with this concept that I decided to begin my studying to achieve my Personal Trainer’s certification.

On August 16, 2012 I took my CPT exam and I am very pleased to announce that I passed and am now a certified personal trainer through the NCSF. I still have no intention on working as a personal trainer in a gym,  but this allows me to legitimately instruct corrective exercises to my clients. This aspect of my treatments will further the benefits of the work I  provide. Therapeutic massage has many benefits including breaking down muscular adhesions and scar tissue as well as re-aligning posture. Corrective Exercises allow those benefits to last longer between sessions and also provide the client with a sense of accomplishment as they are assuming a larger part of their self-maintenance in their health and wellness.
I urge people to add an element of fitness and exercise to their regular healthcare program because of the many positive benefits on the body overall. What exercises and how to do them properly are not always the easiest tasks to understand, so I highly recommend seeking the knowledge of well trained professionals. This will ensure your safety  and improve your health,  as well as help you maintain your overall wellness.

Let’s take a look back at my adventures at the ’08 Olympics

I have been wanting to do a Phlog (Photo Blog) for quite a while now, but could not decide what topic to choose. After watching the Olympic Games for almost a week now, it has got me reminiscing. I have been looking at photos that I have taken or had taken when I had the  opportunity to work at the ’08 Olympics in Beijing with the US Women’s  National Soccer Team. I have hundreds of pictures but have decided to share the ones I believe are the best,  so please enjoy!

And It all begins with a trip to Tiananmen Square

The team at the Forbidden City

A stroll through the Emperor’s Garden

Now for a trip to the Great Wall…This sign stood high like the Hollywood sign in California

Me and “the guys” trekking the Great Wall…much harder than you think!

Don’t worry, you can get perked up after you scale the Great Wall with the Starbucks that is conveniently located there!

After travel from Beijing to Qinquandao (our first venue) for round robin play, welcome to my office!

One more trip to the Great Wall before the games start, this is the beginning of the Wall also known as the “Dragon’s Head”.

Time to get the games underway! Our first game vs. Norway was an unfortunate loss, but we still ended up winning the group and moved on to the quarterfinals…time for more travel!

Welcome to Shanghai for our quarterfinal game vs. Canada. This shot was from my hotel room!

Prepping midfielder, Angela Hucles for her big game in this do or die situation!

After an almost 2 hour rain delay, we came out on top in a 2-1 victory over Canada…on the the semifinals back in Beijing!

Back in Beijing, we have to get some good workouts in for out Semifinal game…

Pregame prep for some of the players…

We beat Japan 4-2 in the semifinal match, so Kobe wanted to come by and congratulate the team! On to the Olympic Village and the Final match vs. Brazil!

Welcome to the Olympic Village!

My Co-worker and fellow massage therapist, Mark Higgins stopping in the Flag Garden at the Olympic Village

Pregame prep with Mark as we get Heather Mitts and Lindsey Tarpley ready for their big final game!

Pep talk before the final game vs.Brazil

Me and Mark enjoying the game vs. Brazil from the stands with our fellow fans!

In overtime, Carli Lloyd scored the only goal of the game!

It was a long hard fought journey, but we won gold!

Congratulations Coach Pia on a job well done!

Our moms just won Olympic Gold! When do we get to go to Disney?

Meet the team behind the team…all the US WNT staff and coaches that helped the ladies win gold!

A very proud moment in my life…I am very honored to have helped Team USA!

Flowers for the winners!

A beautiful sight in the locker room!

Celebrating with forward, Natasha Kai!

A shot with the game VIPs, Goalie Hope Solo and Midfielder Carli Lloyd!

The day after, I got to do some sight seeing starting at “The Cube”.

Then a stop at the “Bird’s Nest”

Is this how you get inside to see the action?

The famous Olympic Torch!

I just had to try and hold the torch…it may be the closest I will ever get to holding it!

The team is ready for the Closing Ceremonies!

On the way into the Closing Ceremonies, the Olympic Tower looks amazing!

The celebration begins!

A view from where we sit inside the Closing Ceremonies! Yes…It was REALLY HOT in there!

The festivities continue!

One last look at the torch before it moves on to London in 2012

The torch has been passed and the games are finished! Good Bye Beijing and thanks for some great memories!

This was an amazing experience for me and I would just like to wish the best of luck to all the participants  in the 2012 London Olympic Games!