Summer Update

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Business, Health & Wellness, Special Modalities

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”
Albert Einstein

It is  quite apparent that I haven’t been as active with the Blog as I have in the past.  Summertime is always an exciting and unpredictable time.  You can never tell how busy or slow business can get. When it’s busy, it can be tricky to get a regular Blog completed and lucky for me and the growing business, things have been busy.
In addition to the normal Summer travel that everyone likes to enjoy, business at the office  has picked up significantly and has occupied some of my normal writing time.  It also seems that my writings have become noticed by others because I have been commissioned by several magazines to write articles for their readers.   So when we look at it now, I am having to split my writing time up more between D:TM and several other publications. It’s very flattering to be asked to write for a major publication, but it doesn’t discount the importance of writing for my readers. If you have any topics that you would like me to address, leave your comments below or contact me directly at
One last thing to be aware of for the Summer is that I am currently studying to become a certified personal trainer through the NCSF. Education is essential to be good at what you do and you can never stop learning. By getting a personal trainer’s certification I will be able to better provide proper exercises routines that will strengthen the correct muscles use to correct posture and assist in proper movement. Massage therapy is only half of the solution, self-care and  proper exercise helps to maintain good health. After I become certified, I will also be able to write more articles and Blogs about corrective exercises as well that can help YOU move, feel, & BE  better!
Summer is always an exciting time for everyone and for me I am looking forward to learning more to provide YOU and the public with the valuable education about the many benefits of  therapeutic massage!

Questions? Comments?

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