“How Often Should I Get A Massage”: The Ultimate Question

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Health & Wellness, Massage Therapy
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“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”
– Tony Robbins




I have clients and people asking me all the time, “how often should I get a massage.” There is no definate answer to that question. The answer to that question depends on many different varibles including the goals of the client, how quickly a client responds to treatment, and the knowlege and experience of the therapist.

Not every client is the same, so they require specific treatments and a unique plan designed just for them. To determine what each client needs, a therapist must first find out what goals the  client wishes to achieve. Goals of the client can be catagorized in to several catagories and the frequency of treatments will compliment those goals.

  • Rehabilitation/Recovery ClientThe goals of these clients will be to treat a specific problem in and return them to proper health. The frequency of session will ultimately depend on the severity of the injury or condition and how quickly the client responds to treatment. Therapy could be once every other week to once or twice a week.
  • Perfomance Optimization Client: From athletes to office workers, these clients just want to increase their output at whatever it is that they do. Again, the frequency will be determined upon how quickly the client responds to the treatment and what type of outcome the client is looking for to achieve. Once a month to once a week would be ideal treatment.
  • Stress Relief, Relaxation, & Maintenance ClientThese clients usually don’t have any major issues that would require excessive treatment. The client is just trying to keep healthy, so treatment could be as frequent as once a week or as separated as once every other month.

Through a session a well experience therapist should be able to communticate with the client and be a generate a plan that would give the client the best and most efficent outcome. The therapist should be able to point out to the client how to pay attention to their body; how it feels and how it changes. Consistant feedback is the best tool to fine tune a treatment plan.

If you have ever wondered about how often you should get massage, just ask your therapist and after you discuss your goals and they properly assess your conditions, you and your massage therapist should be able to come up with a perfect plan just for YOU!


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